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Monday, September 9, 2013

Lake Shastina Benefit Car Show - Sep 7, 2013

Ron Peil, Dan Fox, Troy Boyd, Dennis Warrender and Larry Stalions all attended the Lake Shastina benefit car show - Saturday September 7th, 2013.

Here are a few pics taken at that show.  Troy Boyd won Best of Show with his '52 Chev pickup. Larry won 3rd overall with his '55 Chev Handyman Wagon.

Photos by Larry Stalions.
Click on image for larger view.

Rogue Valley Street Rods - Labor Day Run - 2013

Photos by Larry Stalions:
Video of images (Photos) of this event:

Press arrow in middle of screen to start video:

Click on YouTube Logo - Lower right after you click on the arrow to start the video.
This will allow you to view in YouTube, larger size.
OR click to the right of that, and you can view full screen.

Monday, September 2, 2013

8/18/13 Friendship Meet - Car Show - Lost Creek Lake

Larry Stalions sent in some great photos from the 8/18 Friendship meet. A huge crowd there and a very pleasant day.

Great fun was had by all. Thank you to all those who coordinated and made this event happen, and to those that took part, even if just to attend. Some wonderful automobiles, for sure!

Click on images for larger view.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Car Show in September to support local non-profit: Access Senior Program.

Napa Auto Parts First Annual Car Show - Sunday September 22, 2013 - Time: 9-3.

Location: White City Napa, Ave A, White City
All proceeds go to support local non profit: ACCESS Senior Program.

Cost: $20.00 until Sept 1 after that $25.00. Pick up entry forms at any Napa.

Event will include trophies, DJ, food vendors and lots of fun raffles, a 50/50 and a silent auction. Information call: (541) 826-4547 or (541) 826-3544

Check it out on the website calendar, and use the prompt to send yourself a reminder if you need to!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Got a little time on your hands? Pacific Northwest Nationals - SLIDE SHOW

 IMAGE: © Original owner, MSN


Spotted this past week on msn news - a slide show of some of this year's cars/rods in the 2013 Pacific Northwest Nationals car show. Dubbed "Hot Rod Heaven". See what you think!

I enjoyed looking through them, I bet you will, too!

Labor Day Debbie & Joe's Rods Run - Reservations close 26th August.

We know you've waited all year for this. DON'T FORGET to register. Reservations close 26th August. Guaranteed fun for all. 120 mile run through some wonderful areas in Southern Oregon. Thanks to Debbie & Joe for this event!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Modifications and Updates to Our Website. Also help needed.

Well, I finally got a chance to tidy up some of our website, and it's the closest to 'finished', that I know of, so I'm well pleased.

You'll notice the navigation tabs at the top - there are now drop-down sub-menus on the last 3 tabs, allowing better navigation of these areas. I'm not able to 'tidy' up the navigation in the private Members' area, but it works, at least.

I've filled in the board members, and a few other things that were lacking. 

It would be great if more members could interact with our website. It's built to do just that. By requesting by email to become an author for the blog, you can upload photos, so others can see them here on this blog, showing off to the car community that reads our blog, our activities. It doesn't mean that you have to write a novel or anything. Just add a photo with a caption if you like, but you can write about your adventure if you wish, too.

WHAT'S NEW: In the members' area (password protected) there is a new slideshow of images, that can be added to by members. This is a more private way of sharing your photos. It is handled through Picasa (Google) so you will need to join, but it's very private if you join just for this purpose (uploading photos). The slideshow can also be viewed as an album/gallery IN THE MEMBERS' AREA. If you've forgotten the password and login for the members' area, click on the link to request it. GO TAKE A LOOK! :)

We are working on updating our "In Memorium" page - and we need your help. Can you please email any information and/or photos that you might have for any of our members that have passed. We will be doing a short informational piece on each, and would love a photo of them and if possible their vehicle. That would go a long way to helping us achieve this task. Thank you.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Remember when?

Remember this, remember that? Some do, some don't.

Photos have been added to the photo albums on our website from past years. Hope you enjoy looking back on things you may or may not remember and things you did or didn't see, maybe.

Please feel free to comment on any photos. The comments are moderated, so won't show up until checked out.

Hope you enjoy these 'new' photos to help boost your remembering power. Most are courtesy John Murphy, through his eyes. 

Remember to send in your latest photos, too!

Going on a road trip in Oregon?

Going on a road trip? This is one place that might be interesting to look into.

"Looking for a great location to stop during or after your road trip or scenic drive? FivePine Lodge & Conference Center, located in Sisters, Oregon, and being a AAA Four Diamond award winning property, offers ample parking, quaint and cozy lodging, refreshing libations at Three Creeks Brewery or a private catered gathering.  After driving for hours, relax and rejuvenate at our world-class Shibui Spa or get refreshed in our heated swimming pool. Website: www.fivepinelodge.com"

NOTE: Not trying to advertise or publicize in any way. The club got an email, and this looks kind of 'interesting', so thought you might like to check it out, and if good, then it's worth sharing, right?

Website update notification.

Hi all,
Hopefully all our members check out our website, and blog. Not much updating done of late, but today there has been a heap of things done. Check them out. 

Not only has our main website image changed, with entry form and news of the 2014 show been put up, but many events have been added to the calendar - remember ... you can set up to receive reminders to events. And I'm a good one to talk about this. The last meeting I went to I remembered to set a reminder, and attended accordingly. Last meeting (May) I missed, and I blame it on not doing a reminder. :)

Anyway - the member area (links tab) has been updated with newsletters. And hope to do some more this afternoon. I'm looking at a potential different way of doing the photo albums, if I have time. So there are some areas for you to check out. All the best to all. Enjoy your drive time!

Reminder: Azalea Festival Car Show - Brookings Oregon May 25th & 26th 2013

A reminder to everyone of the Curry County Cruisers car show in Brookings, Oregon on Memorial Day weekend, May 25 & 26.  Part of the Azalea Festival Community Benefit. The parade is on Saturday and everyone is invited to drive in it and the judged show is on Sunday.

Contact them direct, surfsoundtom@gmail.com - http://currycountycruisers.com
See our calendar - maybe you'd like to request an email reminder - the calendar has an option to do that. If I remembered to do it, I wouldn't miss so many meetings. It's a great tool when you use it!

Or ... if anyone would like an entry form or poster to print and display, please email: RVSRods2012@gmail.com

2014 Southern Oregon Rod & Custom Show - Entry forms now on website:

The entry forms and contact details for our 2014 show are now up on our website's home page. Please spread the word.
Looking forward to all who wish to participate in this wonderful event.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Winners of the 2013 Southern Oregon Rod & Custom Show

Best of Show,  Glenn Jahnke, 1955 Chevy Nomad
People’s Choice, Ron and Joy Westberg, 1938 Chevy Coupe
Participant’s Pick, Ron Pomeroy, 1938 Buick Coupe
Tuner Cars,  Rick Smith, 2013 Scion
Best Individual Display, Lynette Horner, 1964 Chevy Nova
Central Point Mayors Choice, Scott and Bonnie Perry, 1938 Plymouth Coupe
Best Club Display, Mustang Club,
Best Motorcycle, Gary Dockery, Harley-Davidson
CDRC Choice, Cody Hoffman, 1947 Buick
Long Distance Award, Bill and Linda Lahman, Keizer, Or
George Bailey Orphan Car Pick, Mitch Ford, 1947 Studebaker
Rogue Valley Street Rods Pick,  Robert Komlofske, 1953 Chevy Pickup

Thank you to everyone who participated.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Members' area on website updated.

The RVCC newsletter for Feb 2013 has been added in to the Members' area on our website (see 'Links' tab). If you need password, just request it.

Also a new photo has been added to the photo album.  Check it out. I'm not telling which it is, see if you can find it! ;) Also some more links have been added to the links page. They are reciprocal links - they referred others to our website.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Have you checked out 'our store'?

After the club meeting on the Saturday before the show, Dave & Bonnie Schmidthans went home and braved the internet to order themselves some great mugs with the club logo on them. Dave chose the larger mugs with a blue rim & handle. They were 30% discount that day, so they really scored! 

Friday they received them - less than a week later. They bought them to the show on Saturday and are very proud of them. Great quality mugs I was told, and this was repeated by all who saw them. Thanks so much Dave & Bonnie for your support of our club. 

Have you seen the store yet? It is currently having more added to it all the time. Maybe something will catch your eye?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I guess this is one reason ...

I guess this is one reason we love going to car shows ... you get to see up close and personal things you possibly can only dream of. :) I couldn't resist this one! Gotta check things out!

And the winner is ...

Congratulations to Glenn & Peggy Jahnke of Sams Valley, Oregon.

If you couldn't make the Show ...

Sharing some of the sights from the 2013 Southern Oregon Rod & Custom Show (36th Annual). From February 9 & 10th, 2013.

Friday, February 8, 2013

You'll want to take a closer look ... (Come to the car show this weekend!)

Sneak peek! 

Get yourself down to the county fairgrounds for this weekend's Southern Oregon Rod & Custom Show (36th annual). 

Details on our website. 

Definitely some treats on 4 wheels (well some are more, and some are less), for all to see. 

Family fun! 

Car corral for those in the market for a new set of wheels. 

Photo courtesy of John Murphy. Photo: © John Murphy 2013, copyright

Monday, February 4, 2013

Car buffs gear up for Rod & Custom Show (2012 + 2008)

Thought some might like to read this article in the Mail Tribune. It's from 2012. Someone found our site today through this article.

http://www.mailtribune.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20120217/TEMPO/202170303/-1/TEMPO17   It has a great photo of Pete Bradford's 1938 Lincoln Zephyr convertible coupe.

I also found one for 2008:

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Preview notice for June Swap Meet in Medford.

Mark your calendars, or even better ... go to the calender on our website, and to the 9th of June, and sign up to get an email reminder!!!! The southern Oregon Inter-Club Council will be holding their 4th Annual Southern Oregon Swap Meet on Sunday, June 9th, 2013. All details and contact information is on our calendar. Check it out.

"Our Store" is starting to be populated. Join in the fun!

View more gifts at Zazzle.

Now this is fun! Club members can help promote the club, and show off their club pride by purchasing a whole range of items with club images and logos. You'll find the link on the "Our Store" tab of our website.

I have been associated with this 'Print On Demand' site for the past 7 years or so, and when setting up the website, wanted to incorporate it for members as I know how much fun this can be. 
A small percentage of every sale goes to the club. I suggest you sign up for emails as this site has great sales, so if you love something, put it on your wish list, as it may be on a sale the next week or two - sometimes with 50% discounts! For instance, today is the last day for 30% off all mugs, shirts and bags - use code WELUVYOUSALE - check out the mugs - I bet you'll want one, or more! All products are good quality. Don't like what you ordered? Send it back. They have a no-questions asked policy!

Can you imagine:
- sending out letters using stamps with the club logo on them?
- personalized Christmas cards with your club vehicle & logo?
- wearing caps with club logo, drinking coffee from mug with same, while sitting on a cushion also with the logo, at a show or auto event? Put your name on the mug so someone doesn't nick it! :)
- keeping a diary of your travels in a notebook with the club logo on the cover, and possibly with other personalizations, like a photo from your trip with the logo on top of it.
- your dog having a sweater with the club logo on it
- stretched canvases hanging on your wall - be it garage, shop, home or office - with club logo, show posters or other images
- how about a belt buckle with the show logo on it?
- great gifts with the show logo
... and more and more ideas that are SO numerous.
Check it out!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 Rod & Custom Show Posters

... and we give to you - Our show posters for 2013! Don't they look grand?
The show is drawing close now. If you need a reminder of dates, times, sign in for a reminder email on our website calendar.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New photo in our photo albums.

Ralph Kappner sent in this photo for the albums, how about more members sending in photos - we have empty albums waiting for your photos!


Don't forget to put in the details - you can comment on photos, too, if you wish.

Please drive safely 'for road conditions' & put on your seat belt!

You may be driving safely, and adjusted for 'road conditions' but another driver may not. No matter how well you drive, an accident can be at a spot where you can do nothing, other than keep on course and brace for impact.

A friendly reminder to all club members and auto enthusiasts everywhere to wear your seat belt, as well as adjusting your driving to current road conditions. Or see if you can even postpone your journey.

I was VERY lucky. My seat belt is one of the things that definitely saved me. Stay safe my friends.
All the best for a wonderful and safe 2013.