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Monday, June 10, 2013

Modifications and Updates to Our Website. Also help needed.

Well, I finally got a chance to tidy up some of our website, and it's the closest to 'finished', that I know of, so I'm well pleased.

You'll notice the navigation tabs at the top - there are now drop-down sub-menus on the last 3 tabs, allowing better navigation of these areas. I'm not able to 'tidy' up the navigation in the private Members' area, but it works, at least.

I've filled in the board members, and a few other things that were lacking. 

It would be great if more members could interact with our website. It's built to do just that. By requesting by email to become an author for the blog, you can upload photos, so others can see them here on this blog, showing off to the car community that reads our blog, our activities. It doesn't mean that you have to write a novel or anything. Just add a photo with a caption if you like, but you can write about your adventure if you wish, too.

WHAT'S NEW: In the members' area (password protected) there is a new slideshow of images, that can be added to by members. This is a more private way of sharing your photos. It is handled through Picasa (Google) so you will need to join, but it's very private if you join just for this purpose (uploading photos). The slideshow can also be viewed as an album/gallery IN THE MEMBERS' AREA. If you've forgotten the password and login for the members' area, click on the link to request it. GO TAKE A LOOK! :)

We are working on updating our "In Memorium" page - and we need your help. Can you please email any information and/or photos that you might have for any of our members that have passed. We will be doing a short informational piece on each, and would love a photo of them and if possible their vehicle. That would go a long way to helping us achieve this task. Thank you.