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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 Rod & Custom Show Posters

... and we give to you - Our show posters for 2013! Don't they look grand?
The show is drawing close now. If you need a reminder of dates, times, sign in for a reminder email on our website calendar.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New photo in our photo albums.

Ralph Kappner sent in this photo for the albums, how about more members sending in photos - we have empty albums waiting for your photos!


Don't forget to put in the details - you can comment on photos, too, if you wish.

Please drive safely 'for road conditions' & put on your seat belt!

You may be driving safely, and adjusted for 'road conditions' but another driver may not. No matter how well you drive, an accident can be at a spot where you can do nothing, other than keep on course and brace for impact.

A friendly reminder to all club members and auto enthusiasts everywhere to wear your seat belt, as well as adjusting your driving to current road conditions. Or see if you can even postpone your journey.

I was VERY lucky. My seat belt is one of the things that definitely saved me. Stay safe my friends.
All the best for a wonderful and safe 2013.